Indie Days01.09.2021

Workshop: Global Music Publishing Royalties

How is Songtrust different from a performing rights organisation when it comes to collecting global music publishing royalties?

Donnerstag, 23. September 2021
10:00-10:45 Uhr
VUT Indie House/sanktpaulibar
Sprache: Englisch

Your Performing Rights Organisation (PRO) collects performance royalties in its home territory. While they are able to collect international royalties, they do so through reciprocal deals with foreign PROs which often result in delayed registrations, if the songs are able to get registered at all.  This can also cause delayed and incomplete royalty statements from foreign territories.

In this open and accessible discussion, Mandy will discuss how Songtrust works directly with PROs, CMOs (Collecting Management Organisations) and digital services to collect royalties directly from the territories in which they were generated.  This helps you to get paid quicker, and to receive more detailed royalty statements.

Arm yourself with your questions! Please join us and find out more about how the international music publishing business works.


Mandy Aubry (Director of Business Development, EMEA & APAC, Songtrust)

Mandy Aubry is Director of Business Development for EMEA and APAC at Songtrust, the world's largest technology solution for global music publishing royalty collection and administration. Aubry is based in the Netherlands and leads Songtrust’s expansion across EMEA and APAC. Leveraging her unique talent for demystifying the complexities surrounding music publishing, and committed to its democratisation, Aubry’s mission is to provide music creators in established and emerging music markets alike with global music publishing administration and collection infrastructure. Her tireless effort to achieve this goal was recognised by Billboard and she appears on their 2021 International Power Players list. She has 25 years of experience in the music industry, previously working for music publishing administrator Fintage House, and the renowned hard rock and heavy metal record label, Roadrunner Records. Aubry also holds the Rightsholder position on the Executive Board of the Association for Electronic Music.

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