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Talk: Where's the Revolution?

Fr., 23. Oktober2020
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Neue Instrumente und technische Errungenschaften haben in den letzten Jahrzehnten zur Entstehung neuer Musikgenres beigetragen. Die elektrische Gitarre, der erste Moog-Synthesizer, die Einführung von Samplern und ihre größere Popularität, als sie erschwinglicher wurden, die berühmten kleinen Roland-Boxen, die seit den späten 80er Jahren fast alle Formen der Tanzmusik geprägt haben, und andere Beispiele. Was sind die Instrumente von heute und morgen? Welches Equipment wird in Zukunft völlig neue Musikformen entstehen lassen?

English: In past decades new instruments and tools have helped create and shape new music genres. The electric guitar, the first Moog synthesizer, the introduction of samplers and their wider popularity when they became more affordable, the famous little Roland boxes that have shaped nearly all forms of dance music since the late 80s and other examples. What are the tools today and tomorrow that will radically inspire new forms of music?


Flavia Ferreira (Production Manager, Mod Devices, GER)

Flavia Ferreira a.k.a Young Padawan is the production manager of Mod Devices (Berlin). She began her journey as a co-founder of Beatlabs, a music production school in Barcelona founded in 2014. At the same time her passion for synthesizers took her to learning soldering and electronics where she found her true passion, building synthesizers. Since then she has worked in the production line for manufacturers like Befaco, Winter Modular, Error Instruments, Koma Elektronik, Patch Point and Mod Devices - where she is currently working.

Lars Kischkel (Associate Director of Sales & Marketing iZotope, GER)

Lars Kischkel works at iZotope as their Associate Director for Sales and Marketing. iZotope is a Boston based company providing market-leading solutions for audio production based on AI and machine learning tec. Before iZotope Lars had met with countless producers and artists in order to consult production workflows for Avid as their Pro Tools Product Specialist. After his degree in Audio Production in 1999, he was signed with Universal Music for many years and had International record releases as a Producer, Co-writer, and Engineer. During his career, Lars had the chance to meet and work with many different people from various fields of audio production across the world.

Anne Wellmer (Composer, Performer and Sound Artist, GER/NL)

Anne Wellmer | nonlinear is a composer performer and sound artist. Wellmer uses field recordings, live sound processing, electronically generated sound, electromagnetic signals, interferences and acoustic phenomena to create audio-visual performances, sound walks and music for theater and dance. She composes environments and situations. Her pieces allow players to improvise in clearly pre-defined frameworks. She studied electronic music in The Hague and composition in the US. Among her teachers were Joel Ryan, Dick Raaijmakers and Alvin Lucier. Since 2017 Wellmer teaches within the generative arts at the University of the Arts in Berlin.


Ronny Krieger (VUT Board member, GER)

Foto: Steven Ludtke

For the last 25 years Ronny Krieger has worked in almost all areas of the music business as an artist, DJ and producer, PR agent and artist management. Ronny worked in distribution, in a record store and managed a download shop (VP & CPO of Beatport). Since 2010 he is a consultant for FatDrop, DJBroadcast, Shutterstock, Digital Imported, Skoove, LANDR, Native Instruments, Patreon, MOD Devices and others. In addition to his VUT honorary position, he has recently become a member of the "Digitalization and KI" expert committee of the German Cultural Council.

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