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    Beiler Karl Platzbecker & Partner Hamburg
    Ein Schwerpunkt unserer Rechtsanwaltskanzlei – - liegt seit vielen Jahren im Musik- und Medienrecht, daher kennen wir die branchenüblichen Konditionen. Unser Partner Rechtsanwalt Reinher Karl ist seit 2007 Justiziar des VUT. Wir verschaffen Kontakte, gründen für unsere Mandanten Unternehmen, verhandeln ihre Verträge und setzen Rechte gerichtlich durch. Das Kosten-/Nutzenverhältnis auch unter steuerlichen Gesichtspunkten behalten wir dabei stets im Auge. Mit derzeit 9 Rechtsanwälten in Hamburg, Berlin und Wismar sind wir breit aufgestellt und haben in unseren Reihen zudem versierte Anwälte für Arbeits-, Straf- und Bußgeldsachen.
    CD Baby London
    CD Baby gets independent artists paid weekly for their music in all the ways musicians earn money today: streaming, downloads, video monetisation, physical sales, publishing royalties, sync licensing and more. Over the past two decades, it has grown to become the largest global distributor of independent music, the largest publishing rights administrator in the world, one of the most trusted names in the industry, and the go-to educational resource on topics such as music marketing, rights management and more. CD Baby is proud to work on behalf of 750,000 recording artists worldwide, helping them build a better bridge between their creativity and the revenue sources they need to start a successful career in music. In 2018, CD Baby opened their first UK & European office in London.
    CUGATE Ltd. Ndl.Berlin Berlin
    CUGATE - New Media Publishing House is a new type of media company replacing the traditional Record Company by keeping its values and experience and adapting to the new digital and virtual marketplace. As such it combines world unique software development - managing and controlling future media distribution playgrounds - with the possibility to track, trace and market media products by monitoring and integrated marketing. Beside online distribution the company supports traditional exploitation by the audiophile "Gate Classics", a new classical label with a long-time experience in state-of-the-art recordings. As part of the CuGate New Media Publishing House its catalogue comprises more than 350 programs, all produced in outstanding 24 bit /96 khz technology at the turn of this century Eastern Europe. The Label covers both mainstream and rarely recorded material of symphonic and chamber music as well as choral and ethnic works. With the focus on Russian music in the first batch of releases, it also includes a great range of well known international classical masterpieces. The focus CLASSICS will be a guideline for future releases not only in Classical but also in other ranges of Classic Masterpieces. See more at : , and
    details booking & label services c/o Berlin 3 Services GmbH Berlin
    Die umfassende Cloud Software für die Independent-Musikbranche let details - booking agency and record label software work for you
    Eventbrite DE GmbH Berlin
    Eventbrite ist die weltweit größte Selfservice-Plattform für Ticketkauf und -verkauf. Wir entwickeln die Technologie, mit der alle Menschen neue Events erstellen, teilen, entdecken und besuchen können, um ihre Leidenschaften auszuleben und ihr Leben in vollen Zügen zu genießen. Ob Musikfestivals, Marathons, Konferenzen, Hackathons, Wettbewerbe im Luftgitarre-Spielen, Demonstrationen, Spendengalas, Gaming-Contests – wir machen es möglich. Denn unsere Mission ist es, Menschen aus aller Welt durch Live-Events zusammenzubringen.
    iMusician Digital AG Zürich
    LANDR Montreal
    LANDR empowers musicians to create and get heard. As a pioneer in big data and machine learning for the music industry, LANDR provides millions of independent artists and labels with a single space to create, learn about, collaborate on, master, release and monetize music online. Since launching in 2014, LANDR has consistently built tools that level the playing field for musicians, combining into a self-serve platform that is affordable and invaluable at every stage of the music creation lifecycle. To learn more about LANDR, please visit:
    LyricFind Toronto
    LyricFind, gegründet 2004 in Toronto/Canada, baut seit über einem Jahrzehnt ein legales, funktionierendes, faires Geschäftmodell rund um Songtexte auf, von dem Autoren, Verlage und Konsumenten gleichzeitig profitieren. Bis heute haben mehr als 4000 Verlage weltweit LyricFind das Vertrauen geschenkt, eine Lösung für das lange vernachlässigte Geschäft von Lyrics im digitalen Zeitalter zu liefern. Seit 2017 setzt sich LyricFind auch entschieden für eine positive Entwicklung des Lyric-Geschäfts im deutschsprachigen Raum ein. Der Beitritt zum Freundeskreis des VUT ist ein weiterer wichtiger Schritt richtung aktiver Zusammenarbeit mit den unabhängigen Musikfirmen in Deutschland und den von ihnen vertretenen Liedtextern und Textdichtern.
    Medien-Finanzservice Geschäftsbereich der Prill Assekuranz Heitersheim
    wir sind Finanzpartner vom VUT, bieten den Mitglieder besondere Rahmenvereinbarungen bei wichtigen Versicherungsprodukte - Sonderkonzepte beinhalten besondere Leistungen und günstige Prämie bei Versicherungsprodukte.
    MusikWoche GmbH München
    MusikWoche ist die Fachzeitschrift für Einkäufer aus Tonträgergroß- & -einzelhandel, Medienpartner aus Print, TV, Online und Hörfunk sowie Musikverlage. Aber auch Online-Dienstleister, Tourneeveranstalter, Konzertagenturen und Branchenforen gehören zur Zielgruppe.
    PATREON San Francisco
    Patreon is a membership platform that connects creators with their biggest fans and enables those fans to become paying members, or patrons, of their favorite creators. Co-founded in 2013 by YouTube star Jack Conte of the band Pomplamoose, we believe that every creator in today's digital economy should get paid. Patreon is the best place for creators to establish ongoing and predictable monthly revenue and expand their career as a creator. Patreon also helps fans connect in a new way with the creators they love most. Patreon works with over 100,000 creators and is on track to send $1billion to creators this year who have Patreon pages, whether they are creating podcasts, music, fiction, game streams, online videos, photography, visual art, and more. For information about the company, visit:
    Songtrust New York
    As a technology driven music publishing administrator, Songtrust is a world class software solution to music publishing, giving creators and businesses the control to take ownership of their publishing royalties. Songtrust builds industry-leading solutions that become industry standards, pushing the music business forward and putting songs first. We consider the needs, challenges and lives of songwriters and design technology to fit them, rather than making them fit into a way of doing business that no longer works in the music industry as it exists today. In doing so, Songtrust continues to push its standards forward, advocating for the issues that affect its business, and finding new ways to improve the experience of working in music every day. Founded in 2010 by Downtown Music Publishing CEO, Justin Kalifowitz, Songtrust has been named a "Top Music Startup" by Billboard, and now powers the publishing administration technology for over 205,000 songwriters worldwide, 26,000 music publishers and more than 2 million copyrights across 64 countries. Since Q2 2018, the company has added more than 55,000 songwriters, and now registers an average of over 5,000 new songs every week. Songtrust’s client base saw year-over-year increases of 180%, compared to the same period in 2018, with royalty collections up by 70%. Additionally, Songtrust increased the number of songs registered on its global platform by 146%. With its headquarters in New York, the company expanded its presence into Europe in 2017 and now has representatives based in Amsterdam and London, as well as in Los Angeles
    Soundcharts Paris
    Soundcharts is the only platform to track digital platforms and airplay globally in real-time, to provide unique 360° insights on both artists and music market trends. It allows any music professional to monitor its own data but also the data profile of any other artist. It is used by some of the top promotions companies in the world such as Mtheory in the US, Your Army and Listen Up in the UK, Positive Feedback in Australia and Dmusic marketing in Latin America. Soundcharts is quickly becoming the go to platform for the entire independent music community, but for some reason Germany is still lagging behind in terms of data monitoring ;) Key facts • 1,600+ radios in 50 countries, 8,800+ charts, 2m+ playlists and 1.5m+ artists with more than 3 years history • Advanced features: detailed radio plays by country/station with radio reach, volume of streams per city and per country (Youtube and Spotify), artists comparison, charts alerts, daily/weekly reports, etc. • Seamless navigation: nicely designed and easy-to-use interface for a unique user experience (loading time <2 seconds for any artists) • Unique infrastructure of metadata processing to provide the most accurate data on the market
Berlin Music Commission
Deutscher Musikrat
Rockcity Hamburg Zentrum für Populärmusik
WIN worldwide independent network