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Session: AI Music Services Today And Tomorrow

The Future Is Now

Do., 19. September 2019, 16.15 - 17.15, East Hotel, C1  
Language: Englisch

KI ist eines der heißesten Schlagworte in den heutigen Medien. Es wird viel darüber spekuliert, wie KI die Musikindustrie verändern wird. Kann KI Künstler_innen unterstützen oder sogar gänzlich ersetzen, oder beides? Werden Algorithmen den Musikgeschmack kommender Generationen bestimmen? Oft liegt der Fokus auf der Zukunft, während KI bereits heute in vielen Formen allgegenwärtig ist.

Die Konzeptkünstlerin und Komponistin Holly Herndon veröffentlichte im Mai ihr neues, von künstlicher Intelligenz inspiriertes Album "Proto". Mehrere Künstler_innen arbeiten derzeit mit Hilfe von KI an neuen Alben. Anfang des Jahres war Endel der erste Algorithmus, der von einem Label unter Vertrag genommen wurde. Die KI-Video-Soundtrack-Plattform Jukedeck wurde von TikTok gekauft. LANDR verfügt seit Jahren über einen KI-basierten Mastering-Service und hat kürzlich den ersten AI-unterstützten Sample-Marktplatz angekündigt. Es gibt heute viele KI-Dienste, die darauf abzielen, die bestehende Stock Music-Industrie zu ersetzen, aber KI ist bereits weitaus fortschrittlicher, als dass es nur Klänge erzeugen oder bei der Datenanalyse oder Komposition helfen kann. In dieser Session sprechen wir über einige der interessantesten KI-Musikprojekte der Gegenwart. 

AI is one of the hottest buzzwords in media today. There is plenty of speculation of how AI will change the music industry. Will it replace or assist artists? Or both? Will algorithms dictate music taste for generations to come? Often the focus is on the future, while AI is already omni-present in many forms today.

Conceptual sound artist and composer Holly Herndon released her new artificial intelligence-inspired album "Proto" in May. Several other artists are currently working on new albums assisted by AI. Earlier this year Endel was the first ever algorithm signed by a record label. AI video soundtrack platform Jukedeck has been bought by TikTok. LANDR has an AI based mastering service since years and recently announced the first AI assisted samples marketplace. There are plenty of AI services live today aiming to replace the existing stock music industry. But AI is already far more advanced than simply to create sounds or assist with data analysis, composition or arrangement. Let's talk about some of the most interesting AI music projects around today!


Alfonso Paredes (CEO and Co-Founder, EMUSION, ES)

Foto: Sabrina Podda

Alfonso Paredes is a young music tech entrepreneur. He holds a bachelor in Tourism and is licentiate in Business Administration. He is also a Hybrid DJ-Producer using latest technology in his sets as well as in his productions. Always fascinated by technology, music and arts. His endeavour with Emusion is to bridge Neuroscience and Music in order to improve music industry well-being and efficiency thanks to emotion-AI and smart sensing technologies.

Portrait XO (Artist, GER)

Foto: Stefanie Renfert

As a soulful music artist with synaesthesia between taste and sound, Portrait XO explores multiple dimensions as a singer/songwriter/producer/installation artist with a humanistic, emotional, and scientific approach to challenge new ways of co-creating. Her latest piece ‘_______ __ _ WIRE’ is a neural vocal duet in collaboration with DADABOTS x VanTa supported by Factory Berlin – where she debuted her AI performance at sold-out event "THE CREATIVE CODE" on May 29th 2019.  She is the inaugural resident artist at Factory Berlin exploring all the possibilities of where we can go with AI, sound, and interactive media.

Dr. Leigh M. Smith (Senior Research Engineer, LANDR Audio Inc., CAN)

Dr. Leigh M. Smith is a computer scientist and software developer of music information retrieval (MIR), audio signal processing, computer graphics, embedded, and cryptography systems. He has published as a post-doctoral researcher with the Music Cognition Group at the Universiteit van Amsterdam and Analysis/Synthesis Group at IRCAM (Paris), and taught at several universities on music perception, cognition and MIR, with a focus on analysis and modelling of musical rhythm for interactive performance systems. He has worked on many commercial music software projects, and is currently a senior research engineer at LANDR Audio Inc., where his focus is on automated mastering, music recommendation, and other music AI projects. His musical interests include performing as a guitarist, and as a film composer.

Nadya Yurinova (CMO, Endel, GER)

Foto: Alexandra Karelina

Nadya Yurinova is the marketing director for the groundbreaking technology company, Endel. She has played a pivotal role in catapulting the company to one of the most exciting ventures in recent time and a global leader in developing AI technology at the intersection of generative sound and wellbeing. At Endel, she spearheads all marketing efforts, branding, user acquisition, social media strategy, team building, and b2b partnerships, amongst other things. She joined Endel with 13 years of marketing, communications and branding experience and expertise in launching innovative brands and team development. In addition to successfully managing and scaling large projects and teams, her vast experience spans throughout the intersection of creativity, digital, media.


Ronny Krieger (Director Business Development Europe LANDR & Patreon, VUT Board member, GER)

In the past 25 years Ronny Krieger has been involved in pretty much all areas of the music business. Originally a banker at the corporate lending department, he soon followed his passion for music as an artist, dj and producer, later pr agent for press and radio and label- and artist management (Modeselektor, Moderat, Monkeytown Records, kanzleramt, 50 Weapons...). He worked in distribution (EFA Medien), at a record store and lead a download shop (VP & CPO of Beatport). There are probably about 2 dozen records and remixes he has released under various names.

He is a member of the VUT board and has been occasionally teaching Digital Media, Social Media Marketing, International Music Business. Since 2010 he has been working as a freelance consultant and advisor for companies like FatDrop, DJBroadcast, Shutterstock, Digitally Imported, Skoove, LANDR, Native Instruments and others. As Director of Content at Native Instruments he was in charge of the Stems and Traktor Remix Set content and led the communication with retail-, distribution- and label partners. From January to June 2018 he led the Berlin based music software and hardware company MOD Devices as the CEO from startup to scaleup phase. He is currently active as a Director Business Development Europe for LANDR and Patreon. In addition to his voluntary commitment at the VUT, he has recently joined the expert committee for "Digitalisation and AI" at the German Cultural Council.

He is living in Berlin, he is married and father of two kids. As an avid CrossFit hobby athlete and multiple times Tough Mudder finisher Ronny cares deeply about his nutrition, recovery and a healthy lifestyle.


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