Indie Days26.08.2020

Session: On the Future of Cultural and Creative Industries in Europe in the Context of the Corona Crisis – Fireside Chat between Helen Smith & Peter Kettner

Freitag, 18. September 2020
16.20-16.50 Uhr
Sprache: Englisch

Our fireside chat with Helen Smith and Peter Kettner will focus on the continuing impact of the Covid-19 crisis on the cultural and creative sector. Especially for the music industry, the consequences of the Corona crisis have disastrous effects, due to the close economic interdependence of all individual sectors. There will be long lasting consequences and the coming period is full of uncertainties. At the same time, there are new opportunities as we look at how to reinforce the sector moving forward. 

Helen Smith and Peter Kettner discuss the current consequences of the crisis on the cultural and creative sector, as well as the opportunities in the new social and economic circumstances. 


  1. The impact of Covid-19 on cultural and creative sectors and how to boost investment, growth and jobs in Europe’s cultural and creative industries
  2. Status of the implementation of the Copyright Directive
  3. Fairplay and regulation to address the influence and power of online services and media giants


Helen Smith (Executive Chair, Impala)

Helen Smith is IMPALA’s Executive Chair. Originally from Scotland, Helen is based in Brussels. She drives the organisation's key strategies with the board on a political, commercial and promotional level. Helping put thousands of independent companies and artists on the map of Europe by leveraging collective strength, IMPALA's milestones is an impressive read, from Europe's first ever class action court case on a merger and its tough stance on digital platforms who don't play ball, to its various action plans and awards schemes.

Dr. Peter Kettner (Head of Strategy External Cultural Policy, German Federal Foreign Office)

Peter Kettner is Head of the Strategy and Planning Foreign Cultural and Education Policy at the Federal Foreign Office. Prior to that, he was Chief of Staff of the former Federal President Christian Wulff, head of the press department at the German Embassy in Ankara and personal adviser to the Federal Government Commissioner for Human Rights. He worked for several years in the cultural department of the FFO and in Kazakhstan.

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