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Session: The Second Renaissance

Freitag, 24. September 2021
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The Second Renaissance is here, and creators are about to be valued and courted to a degree never before experienced in history. This transformation will happen faster than we imagine - it’s already started.

The major distribution platforms are realizing that ad revenue isn't enough - ad dollars won't be the primary financial mechanism to power the next generation of creative people around the globe.  Platforms are starting to build new tools to help creative people make money. Not only is this awesome because of the direct impact it will have on creators' pocket books, but it’s awesome because of the way it's going to change our culture. It's the beginning of a cyclical pattern that will push the world into a new phase of professional creativity.

This speech is how Jack Conte sees all of that unfolding over the next few decades.


Jack Conte (Co-Founder Patreon)

Foto: Jeff Marini

Jack Conte is a musician, filmmaker, half of Pomplamoose, and a co-founder at Patreon, a platform for creators of all kinds and their most passionate fans. Patreon was founded in 2013, and is home to over 200,000 creators who have earned $2B from 7+ million active patrons.

As a musician and filmmaker, Jack spent his days in a converted dog kennel-turned-recording studio in Sonoma County, making YouTube videos that have amassed over 120 million views. Now, he’s in full-time CEO mode at Patreon HQ in San Francisco where the company is paying millions of dollars to creators every month around the world. Jack also loves working with robots.

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