Say YES to culture, and NO to the dismantling of your rights in Europe!


IMPALA hat uns auf die folgende tolle Initiative der ECSA (European Composers and Songwriters Association) hingewiesen. Also, MACHT MIT und unterzeichnet die Petition hier!
"While Europe is undergoing a serious economic and identity crisis, Culture could be an essential and infallible answer to this crisis, through the 12 million jobs it provides in diverse sectors such as the publishing industry, theatre, museums, press, video games, etc.
But Culture and creative industries are now in danger!
The European Commission launched a public consultation on the review of European copyright rules. In a few months, it will decide on its future and on its reorganization.
May 2014 European Parliamentary elections campaign will be the occasion to take action, to make our voices heard and to alert the authorities on the need to make culture a priority. Let's request European institutions, candidates, political parties and heads of State… to sustain and develop culture, to protect author rights… in order for Europe to always become richer.
Today, we urge the citizens of the European Union to voice their views by answering the European Commission public consultation, and to sign up the present call by creators. This petition will be sent to the President of the Commission and to the Commissioners in charge.
Thank you,
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